Onsite Building Control

OnSite Building Control is a limited company approved as a Building Control Body by the Government’s Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) via their Designated Body, the Construction Industry Council and listed on the official approved inspector register

We provide a quality, independent, cost effective, Building Control Service for all building projects including new speculative housing.

This means that OnSite can accept applications, check and certify building work be it domestic or commercial work, an extension to your house or a multi-million pound shopping centre

Plans can be assessed throughout the project, negating any need to have all the plans before commencement of work

On satisfactory completion of the project, we issue a final certificate. These certificates provide documentary evidence for building owners, and those involved in the building process, that the work has been completed in accordance with the requirements of the Building Regulations.

There are a few situations where we do need information up front including commercial building thermal information and fire plans so we can consult the fire authority etc

General Information


Reasons to choose OnSite as your Approved Inspector

As an Approved Inspector we are licensed to carry out the Building Control function on your behalf in respect of all types of building work.
OnSite Building Control are Corporate Approved Inspectors offering a professional, efficient and cost effective Building Control Service with many benefits over the service traditionally provided by the Local Authority.
We are able to integrate into the design and building team to assist clients to achieve their project time scales and commercial goals.
Why use OnSite Building Control:-

  • Our surveyors are highly dedicated professionally qualified individuals who take pride in their work. They have considerable experience in all types of building work and understand the issues and financial pressures on all clients and particularly those operating in the commercial sector.
  • Our surveyors have a good working understanding of the requirements of the building regulations and are able to offer advice to assist you and/or the building team to find a solution to any issue prior to the work being undertaken providing the potential for cost savings.
  • Our surveyors have a good working knowledge of the legalisation associated with building regulations and building projects in general and can assist or at least lead you in the right direction.
  • Our surveyors will work with your design team to iron out issues at an early stage and to assist in finding the most appropriate solution to tricky issues.
  • We are easily contactable by phone and/or email and if not immediately available will respond within 24 hours

Our Services

  • Design Stage – if you require we can assess initial drawings or even your thoughts to ensure that the principles of the design complies with the requirements of the building regulations.
  • Application – we will submit the required Initial Notice to the Local Authority.
  • Plan Checking – we will check your plans and any other associated information for compliance with the requirements of the Building Regulations, where required we will undertake all statutory consultations and advise you of our findings and of any comments received from the statutory consultations. If required we will issue a Plans Certificate.
  • Site Inspections – we will carry out the inspections advised in the Inspection Program and identify any aspects requiring attention. We will liaise and help you to address any problem areas.
  • Completion – we will undertake an inspection on completion of the work and if satisfactory and we have received any requested Certificates etc will issue a Final Certificate indicating the satisfactory completion of the work.

For further information on how OnSite Building Control can assist you please contact us using the details shown on the Contact page. If you would like to proceed with us a copy of our Application Form can be downloaded from this website. Please send the completed form to the address shown at the top of the Application Form with, in the case of an extension etc, a site location/block plan. If you require any help in completing the form please contact us.

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Questions Relating to OnSite Building Control and the Procedures

  1. How are you able to carry out building control work. I thought that only councils did that?

A: The building control service is now available from private companies such as OnSite Building Control in addition to the service provided by local authorities.  As a private company you have to be approved and are monitored by the Construction Industry Council and must abide by the rules in terms of service delivery and professionalism.

  1. What geographical area do you cover?
  2. We are able to cover all parts of England and Wales with no limit on the scope of the work but we do sometimes restrict the area covered so that we do not became overstretched and fail to provide the level of service we consider necessary for our clients.
  3. Can you cover all types of building work?
  4. We are approved to work on all types of buildings from a porch through new housing estates to shopping centres.
  5. Can you cover buildings in which the Fire Authority has an involvement?
  6. We are able to carry out workon all types of buildings but the building regulation progress requires us to consult the Fire Authority on those building in which persons may be employed and which fall within the scope of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. This normally involves all commercial buildings but it may also involve some dwelling type premises if these are used as holiday lets or similar and in which persons are employed to manage and/or clean the building.
  7. How do you get us involved?

A.. As soon as you have decided what you want to do contact us with the details found on this website.  You will need to send to us a completed application form which can be found on this website and in the case of an extension a site location plan.  If you are unsure as to what you should do please contact us.

  1. When do you have to pay the fee?
  2. An initial payment is usually made on submission of the application this being followed by the payment of an inspection fee when the work commences on site. The arrangements for payment of the fee will normally be agreed prior to a submission being received.
  3. How long does it take to get approval and can I start straight away?
  4. As we have to serve a Notice on the local authority not less than five working days prior to the commencement of any work we need to be involved in the project about ten days prior to commencement but other than that there is often no requirement to wait for any approval from us.
  5. Do you check plans or carry out site inspections?
  6. A. We check plans and if there are issues that appear not to comply with the requirements of the building regulations will advise clients of these and if possible will also suggest solutions to the issues. We also undertake site inspections as the work proceeds and will advise you prior to the work commencing when these will need to be undertaken and after the visit advise you of any problems seen.
  7. What inspections do you make?
  8. We carry out sufficient inspections to enable us to be reasonably assured that the work complies with the requirements of the building regulations but the builder has a legal responsibility to ensure that the work he does satisfies the requirements.
  9. Do you issue a certificate at the end of the job?
  10. When we consider the work complete and satisfactory we issue a Final Certificate.
  11. If you have any other questions?
  12. For further adviceplease contact Barry Rogers on 01789 295732 or Phil Morley on 01252 419910.

Questions Relating to Building Work and Building Control

  1. What is Building Control?

A: Building Control is the term used to describe the statutory function performed by either your local council or by independent, government approved inspectors. Its purpose is to check that the work being undertaken complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations.

  1. What are the Building Regulations?
  2. The Building Regulations are a set of standards which need to be considered and if relevant satisfied whenever a new building is erected or when an existing building is extended or altered or new services are installed. The regulations set the minimum standards that you must follow to meet the government’s requirements for the health, safety, welfare and convenience of people in and around buildings. It also sets standards for the conservation of fuel and power, and for preventing waste of water.
  3. Do I always need Building Regulation approval?
  4. Most building work, even small extensions, structural alterations or improvements, fall within the scope of the Building Regulations. They apply even if planning consent is not required.

However, some types of small works are exempt from control under the Building Regulations. For example:-


  • Small ground floor extensions such as porches or conservatories that are under 30m2 may not require consent if they are thermally separated from the main house
  • Certain small detached buildings like sheds, provided that they are constructed of non­ combustible materials and they are not too close to boundaries and do not contain sleeping accommodation
  • Other kinds of minor improvements such as replacement glazing or central heating may be covered by a Competent Person scheme. Although these works are controlled by the building regulations, you don’t always need to apply for consent to an approved inspector or the local council as often the contractors specialising in these particular aspects i..e the installation of replacement windows, or the fitting of log burning stoves are approved under a competent persons scheme.

If you are planning such works and need help with the Building Regulations please feel free to contact OnSite Building Control for advice.

  1. What is the difference between Building Regulation and Planning Approval?
  2. Planning Permission is about deciding whether you can go ahead with a building project in terms of its effect on neighbouring properties and the wider environment. In contrast Building Regulations set standards for design and construction to make sure that projects are built to the minimum standards in the Building Regulations.
  3. How does the Building Regulation approval process work?
  4. When you appoint an Approved Inspector they will serve an initial notice on the Council. This registers your project as “building work” on a public register. The Approved Inspector will carry out a number of inspections in respect of the work being undertaken and on satisfactory completion of the work and receipt of any required certificates will issue a Final Certificate to you and to the local authority. The receipt of the Final Certificate will be recorded in the register. The Final Certificate should be kept safe as it shows that the building work has been signed off as complete and it may be required at a later date if you decide to sell your property.


  1. Can I start works without a Building Regulation submission?
  2. You can only start work without notifying a Building Control body when using a Competent Person scheme. In all other cases the work should not commence until such time as all of the building regulation procedures have been satisfactorily completed.



When using an Approved Inspector for your building regulation work, the initial notice must be served upon the local authority at least five days before any controllable aspect of the works may be started. This does not normally include preparatory work but it is better not to commence any work until after the five day period has elapse to avoid any issues.

  1. When and who do I have to call for an inspection?
  2. When work subject to the building regulations is due to start on site, we will need to undertake an inspection. Just phone your OnSite designated Building Control Surveyor using the contact details shown on the Inspection program sheet sent to you when we were instructed to undertake the building control work for you.

You will also need to notify us when your work reaches certain stages. The stages relevant to your work will again be shown on the inspection program sheet.

  1. What happens if I don’t call for an inspection?
  2. If you don’t call for an inspection, we might be able to consider other evidence to show that you have complied with the requirements such as photographs or professional reports. But this is not ideal and is not the way we wish to work. To avoid any complications it is best to phone us to let us know you’re ready for an inspection. Your Building Control Surveyor is there to help you through the process and to ensure compliance with the requirements.

Not notifying us could mean that we need to ask you to expose work for further inspection and sometimes you may need to start that element again if it was observed to be non-compliant. To undertake retrospective compliance work can be expensive and involve you in further inspection fees.

  1. What happens when a Building Control Surveyor visits a site?
  2. When a Building Control Surveyor inspects the element of work that we have been called out to inspect, they will look carefully at the work undertaken and make inspection notes of that seen. The Surveyor will also make notes of any non-compliances observed and will either leave a hand-written inspection report with the builder or will email an inspection report to you, your designer and the builder as soon as possible after the inspection.
  3. What do I need to do after the inspection?
  4. Unless we have notified you or your builder to the contrary, our inspections are evidence, but not conclusive evidence that the works we have seen is considered satisfactory and that the work can proceed.

Our surveyors cannot be on site all the time and we cannot see all elements of the building work as our inspection regime is limited to set stages. We could never see every aspect of a project and as such you might wish to consider appointing an independent project manager or architect to manage the works.


  1. If works do not comply how long do I have to put them right?
  2. If works do not comply we will write to you and give you a reasonable time in which to alter the work so that it complies. If we believe that the non-compliance is serious enough to warrant formal action, we can serve a notice requiring you to remove or alter the defective work within 90 days. This time limit is set by the regulations themselves and if nothing is done within that time period we will need to cancel the Initial Notice. The local council may then serve a notice on you to undertake such works as are necessary to comply with the regulations.
  3. How should I proceed with the appointment of a builder


  1. It is important to choose the right builder and in this regard you might wish consider the advice provided by the


National Federation of Master Builders and Citizens Advice and also the Trustmark scheme


In addition it might be worthwhile talking to your neighbours who have had work undertaken as these will have had first hand practical experience of the professionalism and competences of the builder they employed.




Tips for avoiding a cowboy builder

  • Employ a qualified designer and get a specification against which your builder’s contract can be set up.
  • Always get a number of detailed quotes in writing, not estimates. If it looks too good to be true it probably is.
  • Ask for client references and testimonials. Try and speak to the builder's previous customers. How did they perform? Did they deliver the project on time? If there were delays, what caused them? Were they considerate? Polite? Did they charge you for extras? If so what?
  • Check your builder is qualified? For specific elements such as gas and electrical works, he will need specially trained professionals to meet safety requirements.
  • If they belong to a trade body or a competent person scheme. Make sure you check out their claim.
  • Always get a contract and get it signed, check on the FMB website for inexpensive contracts.
  • Make sure they have insurance cover and get a copy of their certificates. Public indemnity insurance which covers for site injuries etc. Are they covered if they damage your property? What happens if they go bust? Or have an accident? Will the insurance pay for someone else to complete the job.
  • Never pay money up front. A reliable builder will not ask you to do this, not even the cost of materials. If they run a business, they should have enough money to cover these costs. They will only normally ask for money at agreed stages or when work is complete.
  • Never pay your final account until your project/contract manager or your Building Control certifier have issued their final paperwork. And make sure you are happy with the works before you pay for it.
  • Never employ somebody who does not charge VAT when they should or who only accepts cash.

Building Control exists to help you, but we are not always on site to see everything and to provide you with 24/7 help. So please ensure you pick a good builder and good expert supervision especially for more complex projects.

  1. Can Building Control Surveyors help if I am not happy with the builder’s work?
  2. Your Building Control Surveyor is here to help as much as possible. We can help you with any building regulation compliance concerns but our function is limited to this aspect only. Building control surveyors only look for minimum levels of compliance but your expectations of quality, and the requirements of your contract with the builder, may quite understandably be higher than the statutory minimum, if you are worried about the quality of your building work, you should raise your concerns directly with the builder.
  3. What is a Final Certificate?
  4. A Final Certificate is a statement by an Approved Inspector that the works should meet the minimum building regulations standards. Like the Initial Notice, the Final Certificate is sent to the local council for inclusion on the public register and a copy is sent to you.
  5. What happens if I have not quite finished the works and want to move in?
  6. If you occupy a building which is non-compliant for more than four weeks the local authority may deem our Initial Notice invalid and reject our Final Certificate. So please be sure to notify us of your intention to occupy the building and we will ask for an extension of time. This will give you a little longer to finish the works.
  7. Can a Building Control Surveyor help if I discover areas of non-compliance when I have already received my Final Certificate?
  8. Because our inspection regime is limited in scope it is possible for non-compliances to be found after the project has been signed off. There are elements of construction that cannot be inspected in any great detail or that may be covered over at the time of our site inspections. The legal status of a Final Certificate is that it is proof but not conclusive evidence of compliance with the building regulations.

If a non-compliance with the building regulations is identified after we have issued a Final Certificate, please contact us and we will do all we can to assist you in getting the matter put right.




OnSite Building Control Limited

Business Plan

The Company

OnSite Building Control is a private limited company registered in England and Wales at 40 Kimbolton Road Bedford MK40 3NR under registration number 04130083.  The primary work of the company is that of Building Control which is authorised by the Department for Communities and Local Government through their ‘designated body’ the Construction Industry Council which has approved OnSite Building Control as an Approved Inspector under Registration Number 24.  The company also provides building control and other related advice to clients on projects in which they are not involved as an Approved Inspector.

The company which originated in 2000 is now headed by the current Directors Barry Rogers and Philip Morley who purchased the company from Roy Judge in September 2015.

The Directors are based in Warwickshire and Hampshire and much of the work undertaken is within their respective counties although work is undertaken elsewhere depending on the need of clients.


OnSite Building Control Ltd has adopted and applies the principles of the established Building Control Performance Standards policy for the provision of its Building Control Services and as part of that process will ensure that:-.

  • The company observes the highest professional standards and business ethics expected of service providers. We do not attempt to supplant a competitor, or win work, on the basis of interpretation of the regulations. The principle of the Building Control function is important to us and will not be compromised.
  • All personnel undertaking the Building Control function are suitably qualified to perform the type of work being undertaken to meet the duties under the Building Act. The company is small and the work undertaken is under the direct control of the two Directors. The workload is regularly reviewed to enable an assessment to be made of current and likely demands and measures are taken to ensure that the workload does not exceed the capabilities of the workforce. We are committed to properly discharge our duties in accordance with the Building Control Performance Standards issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government.
  • Through the database we will monitor the issue of Initial Notices, site inspections, the issue of progress letters and Final Certificates and will ensure that all relevant people cited within the controlling legislation are kept informed in accordance with our procedures.
  • All consultations as required by statute will be undertaken at the earliest opportunity and in a timely manner. Any reports, comments and advice received from consultees will be passed on to the client or their representative for attention. We will collaborate with the client, designer and consultee to ensure a seamless service for our client and will do our best to assist them in ensuring compliance with all aspect of legislation.
  • Plans and designs will be assessed to the required standards and we will communicate to our clients in a clear and concise manner any issues requiring attention.
  • We will keep clear records of all checking and consultation activities, including design philosophies adopted by designers for future reference.
  • We will maintain an appropriate inspection regime detailing that seen on site. Any non-compliant work will be communicated to site personnel on a site inspection record sheet left on site or sent via email.  If considered necessary this will be followed up in writing to the client and the person responsible for the building The site records will clearly indicate any contraventions and indicate where possible the measures necessary to remedy the situation.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the relevant work we will issue a Final Certificate to the local authority. A copy of the Certificate will be issued to the client, their approved representatives and if relevant the Fire Authority.
  • All records and case files will be stored for a minimum of 15 years from project completion.


OnSite Building Control will also ensure that:-

  • All staff receives suitable and appropriate training in accordance with the Building Control Performance Standards and the requirement of the professional bodies.
  • We collect and monitor evidence of our performance in terms of service delivery and compliance or non-compliance of building work with the Building Regulations. It will adopt procedures to learn from its findings as a part of a process of continuous improvement. It will also facilitate the sharing of any information which would be of benefit to other BCBs (Building Control Bodies) in recognising general areas of difficulty or failure in achieving compliance.
  • We adopted procedures to monitor the performance of the company.
  • We provide an excellent service performance and will file all required returns to the Construction Industry Council’s Approved Inspector Registrar in accordance with their wishes and adopted procedures
  • We operate, maintain and will make available on request, to any interested party its complaints procedure. Persons dissatisfied with the Building Control service they receive will be able to complain and have their complaint dealt with fairly, transparently and in a manner that can be independently audited.


As the Directors have been operating within their respective geographical areas for a number of years and have many years building control experience in the industry the company’s client base comprises a considerable number of regular customers, builders, architects, project managers etc who continue to return to us.  In addition they recommend to others the use of the service provided by OnSite Building Control.

As we are aware of the need to properly service the projects in which we are involve we restrict the amount of work ‘taken on’ and as such do not consider it necessary to embark on high profile advertising etc relying on service delivery and professionalism to maintain an appropriate level of work with existing and recommended clients.


Whilst OnSite operates within an environment in which there are other Approved Inspectors in competition for the delivery of the Building Control Service it is considered that the local authority is the biggest competitor.  They have an established presence in the market place and generally appear to set fees at a slightly reduced level to that offered by Approved Inspectors.

Over recent years the local authority system of building control has increased their presence by the nationwide promotion of Local Authority Building Control and by offering warranty for new house at very competitive prices.

There is however a degree of criticism over the professionalism, bureaucracy and consistency of the service provided by local authorities and OnSite believe that it has a competitive advanced by concentrating on these aspects.

OnSite Building Control offers a more personnel and professional service.  Our surveyors are fully qualified, dedicated and trained individuals who take pride in their work and aim to provide and maintain a special relationship with our clients.  We consider that we are approachable, contactable and flexible and that we work as part of the building team.  Where required we offer an outside normal office inspection service.  And to avoid any inconsistencies and continuity in the service provision each project has a dedicated surveyor who will deal with all aspects of the service (except in exception circumstances) throughout the length of the contract.

Aims of the Company

The aim of OnSite is to maintain a healthy client base of regular clients and not to grow to the extent that we cannot properly maintain the required service delivery.

At this stage it is not envisaged that OnSite will employ additional staff but this option will be available if workload and/or specific staff resources are considered necessary.

Quality Management Statement


OnSite Building Control’s goal is to operate in a professional and accountable manner and to ensure that all staff are professional and honest and bound by the relevant professional institute’s code of conduct and professional requirements.


This criteria necessities not only a detailed technical knowledge of the Building Act, the Building Regulations the Approved Documents and other ancillary legislation but also an in depth knowledge of the legislation and recommendations applicable to the work of Approved Inspectors; The Building (Approved Inspectors etc) Regulations; the Building Control Performance Standards; The Code of Conduct for Approved Inspectors and the Building Control Alliance various guidance and policy notes.


The requirement for professionalism also relates to staff involved in the administrative processes as their day to day dealings with customers have an impact on the company in terms of customer retention and the possible acquisition of new clients.


OnSite Building Control aims to provide a high quality and professional Building Regulations service to its customers including the provision of advice, processing of submitted information, examination of plans and structural designs, and the inspection and ultimate signing off of works on site.  In providing the required level of service OnSite Building Control will ensure that its responsibilities as an Approved Inspector for monitoring compliance and preventing contraventions of the Building Regulations is effectively discharged.


The Directors have overall responsibility for establishing service plans and providing the necessary resources and they will ensure that all staff and/or consultants where engaged are competent, with appropriate qualifications, experience and training.  The Directors will also ensure that appropriate procedures exist to manage and provide the required service delivery. The adequacy of the resources and the effectiveness of the procedures will also be regularly monitored and reviewed.


The Directors of OnSite Building Control has formulated a number of systems and procedures to address the issues detailed in the relevant legislation, codes of conduct etc.  These are reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis to address changing needs and in the light of experience.


The matters addressed in the current procedures deal with the followings aspects:-


Policy, performance and management systems



Pre application contact and provision of advice

Assessment of plans

Site inspections

Communication and records

Service delivery

Business and professional ethics

Complaints procedures


To ensure conformity and uniformity in the production of legal notices, certificates and letters OnSite Building Control uses a field driven database held on a central server.  This is controlled by the Directors and only those selected, and trained has the ability to create documents.  There are restrictions on the documentation that can be created dependant on the experience of the officer involved.  All notices are currently being generated by the Director at the Stratford upon Avon office.


Staff engaged in the checking of plans or the inspections of work in progress are corporate members of either the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors or the Chartered Association of Building Engineers. They also have several years post qualification experience in a varied range of construction methods and building types. Their knowledge is comprehensive and they are able to make decisions without specialist assistance.




All staff are required to abide by their own professional institutes requirements and those relating to the work of an Approved Inspector.


All site notes are continuously monitored for individual content and requirements and these are fully interrogated prior to the issue of any Final Certificate.


All staff has access to appropriate and current reference documents including Approved Documents and British Standards Codes of Practice.  Product information is available in the form of a technical library which is regularly reviewed to ensure that the information contained therein is current.




Brief Summary of Procedures

Stage Action Comments

1. Application The completed application form should be send to the address indicated on the form.
The form provides basic information about the project and Client and assists in determining the building control fee.
One copy of all relevant drawings and other documentation should be submitted with the application form but where a formal consultation is required with other outside bodies (see Section 4 below) an additional copy is to be provided.

2. Contract OnSite will issue a copy of their Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Approved Inspector Services either prior to or immediate on receipt of the completed application form and will seek the approval of the client to proceed prior to issuing an Initial Notice to the local authority
Fees are normally payable as follows:-
• 25% on submission of the application form
• 75% at the start of work on site
• or alternative arrangements by agreement


On receipt of the client’s approval to proceed the project will be registered and an invoice will be raised for 25% of the fee.

3. Initial Notice The Initial Notice will be drafted by OnSite and is submitted to the local authority. The submission is deemed a ‘joint submission’ by the Approved Inspector and the Client.
It is a requirement for the Initial Notice to be submitted to the local authority at least five working days before the work commences.
The Initial Notice can be rejected by the local authority on prescribed grounds.
An Initial Notices can be cancelled by the

B By default an Initial Notice comes into force 5 working days after receipt by the local authority unless the local authority has issued a rejection in writing.
local authority, Client or Approved Inspector if necessary.

4. Submitted Plans Plans will normally be checked within 10 working days of receipt and any required comments sent to the Client/Agent
Where required OnSite will undertake a formal consultation with the Fire Authority in terms of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and/or the Sewerage Undertaker in the case of a ‘building over’ situation. These will be undertaken in a timely manner and any comments received in respect of the consultations will be forwarded to the Client.

5. Work Commences It is essential that due regard is taken of the Inspection Program previously issued and in which details are provided of the stages at which the building control surveyor will need to visit site. The building control surveyor should be notified of the commencement of the work

6. Site Visits Client/builder to advise the building control surveyor of the various stages of construction to enable site visits to be made. Building control surveyor will advise client/builder of the results of the inspection including any known issues that require attention.

7. Completion The building control surveyor is to be notified of the completion of the work and an inspection will be undertaken. Where site works are considered complete and satisfactory and any required certificates (in respect of the electrical and gas installations etc) have been received we will issue a Final Certificate and send a copy to the Local Authority and the Client and if the building is one for which a consultation was undertaken to the Fire Authority.

It is essential that any comments
received from the formal consultation with
the Fire Authority and/or the Sewerage
Undertaker are addressed and if
necessary included in the scheme.
If required by the Client and subject to the receipt of satisfactory or amended plans a Plans certificate will be issued.


Invoice issued for 75% of the fee.



Any work found not to comply with the requirements of the building regulations are to be addressed as a matter of urgency and the building control surveyor advised accordingly to enable a further inspection to be undertaken.

A Final Certificate will not be issued if
Invoices are outstanding.

Complaints Procedure


OnSite Building Control’s goal is to operate in a professional and customer friendly manner and it is hoped that the service provided will meet the expectations of our clients.  If however you are not happy with any aspect of the service you received from OnSite Building Control we want to know about it and will:-


Make it easy for you to raise your complaint

Ensure that we fully understand your concerns

Considered how you would like us to resolve your complaint

Make sure that you are satisfied with how the complaint was handled and that you are aware of the next stage should you wish to pursue the matter further.


OnSite Building Control’s complaints procedure is as detailed below.  This is reviewed from time to time and in the light of experience.


All customers or their agent will have received a copy of OnSite Building Control’s Standard Terms and Conditions for the provision of Approved Inspector services at the commencement of their engagement but these can be found on www.onsitebuildingcontrol.co.uk.

Should any compliant be contemplated or grievance be experienced by a client of OnSite Building Control this should be detailed in writing and sent to the Directors of OnSite Building Control at 11 Gilbert Close Stratford upon Avon Warwickshire CV37 0EF. 

It should be noted that a complaint will not be considered appropriate under this procedure if it involves the interpretation of the Building Regulations, the Building Act or any of the Approved Documents.  For further advice on this aspect please see www.onsitebuildingcontrol.co.uk however our surveyors are experienced and fully qualified and accordingly bound by their respective professional codes of conduct and will be pleased to discuss any matters of interpretation.


In addition it should be noted that it is not the role of building control to:- provide quality control of the works; provide a ‘clerk of works’ service monitoring every stage of the construction process; provide a service to address issues such as finish and aesthetics of the work where these are not building regulation matters; provide a service to offer contractual protection between the person carrying out the work and the parties engaged in the design and/or construction of such works; or to provide a guarantee of compliance with the building regulations.  The appointment of a Building Control Body does not remove the obligation of the person carrying out the work to achieve compliance.

Where possible and appropriate, any complaint made should clearly state the project details, the application number and the Building Control Surveyor involved together with details of the concern.  The details of the compliant should ideally be such to enable a person not familiar with the project to obtain a reasonable understanding of the issue in question.  The complaint will be acknowledged in writing within 7 days and any missing information or clarification required will be addressed within a target of 7 working days.

The Directors will fully investigate the compliant (the diversity of which prevents detailed action being specified here) and will advise on the official view of OnSite Building Control and the action proposed (if any) within a target time of 28 days following receipt of the compliant.  If further time is necessary to investigate the matter in greater detail, a summary of the progress made and the reasons for the delay will be sent to the complainant.

Should you be unhappy with the conclusion, then a further complaint may be made in writing to the Approved Inspector’s governing body, the Construction Industry Council. The Registrar will investigate the complaint following the guidance laid down in Part 3 of the CIC Code of Conduct for Approved Inspectors.   The complaint should be sent to the Registrar, CICAIR, Construction Industry Council, 26 Store Street London, WC1E 7BT enclosing a copy of the original complaint and a copy of the views of OnSite Building Control.  Further information on how the CICAIR handle complaints can be found by visiting www.cic.org.uk/services/complaints.php.



Guidance Notes

Any Applicant may disagree with the interpretation and decisions of any Building Control Body (including OnSite Building Control).

Where an impasse has been reached, the Client or his Agent may make application to the Local Authority, who remain the Building Control Authority even if the Initial Notice is still in force.

Whilst OBC’s philosophy is to discuss such matters and agree on a solution with you, on occasions that might not be possible and you might need to resort to a Relaxation application to the Local Authority or an application for Determination or Appeal to the Department for Communities and Local Government.

If this is the case you should refer to the DCLG’s guide.




    OnSite Building Control Ltd

    Standard Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Approved Inspector Services



    In these conditions the following words and expressions shall have the meanings described.

    Client the company, firm or individual instructing OnSite Building Control Ltd to act as Approved Inspector for the project.

    Conditions the standard Conditions and the provision of service conditions set out in this document.

    Project the work as described in the Initial Notice.

    OnSite Building Control Ltd the Approved Inspector whose address is shown on the front of this from.

    1. 1. Introduction

    1.1. OnSite Building Control Ltd shall provide the services as Approved Inspector with reasonable skill, care and diligence, and in accordance with the Construction Industry Council’s Code of Conduct for Approved Inspectors.

    1. Clients obligations

    2.1. The Client or their appointed agents shall supply such information to OnSite Building Control Ltd at such times as is reasonably required for the delivery of the services.

    2.2. The Client or their appointed agents shall notify OnSite Building Control Ltd in writing of any instruction to vary the services.

    2.3. The client or their representative shall be responsible for providing safe access to the project, when the approved inspector reasonably requires it.

    2.4. The client, designers and contractors shall be responsible for the project's compliance with the building regulations and OnSite Building Control’s Ltd services do not include managing the project to ensure that compliance is achieved. OnSite Building Control Ltd shall take such steps as are reasonable to enable it to be satisfied as to the project's compliance with the building regulations, and if so satisfied, it shall issue a final certificate. The final certificate is not a representation that every aspect of the project complies with building regulations.

    1. Agents Acting on Behalf of the Client

    3.1. Agents signing on behalf of clients must ensure that they have informed the client agency of the fact that they have instructed us on their behalf and bring to the attention of their clients our Terms of Business.

    1. Assignment and Subcontracting

    4.1. OnSite Building Control may occasionally use competent sub contract surveyors or companies to undertake site inspections on its behalf. The work they undertake will be for OnSite Building Control Ltd and any liability resulting from these inspections will be the responsibility of OnSite Building Control Ltd.

    1. Payment & Fees

    5.1. The Client or their appointed agents shall pay OnSite Building Control Ltd for the performance of the services the fees and charges in such instalments as agreed in the Fee Offer. All fees and charges under the Agreement are exclusive of Value Added Tax which shall be paid at the prevailing rate concurrently in addition.

    5.1.1. Unless otherwise agreed an invoice for the Plan Fee will be issued on submission of the Initial Notice if not provided at the time of receipt of the application.

    5.1.2. Unless otherwise agreed an invoice for the Inspection Fee will be issued on commencement of building work on site

    5.2. All fees liable to OnSite Building Control Ltd should be paid by the client or their appointed agents in accordance with the timescales indicated on the invoice(s) and prior to the release of the final certificate.

    5.3. Where the Client intends to withhold payment of any amount stated in the invoice, the Client must give written notice to OnSite Building Control Ltd, not later than 5 days before the final date for payment, stating the amount to be withheld and the grounds for withholding payment.

    5.4. In the event that the Client is in default over payments of amounts at the final date for payment and no notice of intention to withhold payment from such amount has been given under Clause 5.3 above, OnSite Building Control Ltd may suspend performance of any or all of the services. This right is subject to OnSite Building Control Ltd first giving the Client not less than 7 days’ written notice of such intention and stating the grounds for suspension. The right to suspend performance shall cease when the Client makes payment of the amount due.

    5.5. OnSite Building Control Ltd shall notify the Client or their agent in writing as soon as it becomes reasonably apparent that any additional work subject of the original fee offer will require the payment of an additional fee.

    5.6. An additional fee will be payable in respect of an inspection necessary in preparation for the issue of a Final Certificate where completion of the project has been delayed and/or the project has been ongoing for a period in excess of three years.


    1. Professional Indemnity Insurance

    6.1. OnSite Building Control Ltd is required to comply with the guidelines issued by the Communities and Local Government & Construction Industry Council’s Code of Conduct for Approved Inspectors in respect of the maintenance of professional indemnity insurance. OnSite Building Control is insured through Griffiths and Armour Professional Risks

    6.2. OnSite Building Control Ltd shall on written request of the Client or their agent provide evidence that the insurance is properly maintained.

    6.3. OnSite Building Control Ltd shall immediately inform the Client or their agent if the insurance referred to in Clause 6.1 above ceases to be available.

    1. Copyright & Data Protection

    7.1. The copyright in all documents prepared by OnSite Building Control Ltd in providing the services shall remain their property. Subject to payment by the Client of the fees properly due to OnSite Building Control Ltd under this Agreement OnSite Building Control Ltd grants to the Client an irrevocable non-exclusive royalty-free licence to copy and use the documents for any purpose related to the project.

    7.2. OnSite Building Control Ltd shall not be liable for any use of the documents for any purpose other than that for which they were prepared and provided by them.

    7.3. As part of the Initial Notice submission OnSite Building Control Ltd must disclose the applicant's name and address. This data has not been obtained for marketing purposes by third parties and therefore, if it is found that data has been used for such purposes by the Local Authority dealing with this Initial Notice they may breach the principles of the Data Protection Act.

    7.4  OnSite Building Control Ltd’s Privacy Notice under the General Date Protection Regulations can be seen on the website www.onsitebuildingcontrol.co.uk

    1. Suspension and Termination

    8.1. The Client may terminate the appointment of OnSite Building Control Ltd under this Agreement by giving 7 days’ written notice to them. In such cases the client shall pay OnSite Building Control Ltd any instalments of the fee due up to date of termination.

    8.2. If the Client materially breaches its obligations under this Agreement OnSite Building Control Ltd may serve on the Client a notice specifying the breach and requiring it to remedy the matter within 28 days, and if the Client thereafter fails to remedy that breach within that period OnSite Building

    8.3. If either party:

    • Commits an act of bankruptcy or has a receiving or administrative order made against it,


    • Goes into liquidation, and/or
    • Becomes insolvent, and/or
    • Makes any arrangement with its creditors

    The other party may suspend performance of the services or may terminate the appointment by giving written notice to the party.

    1. Complaints

    9.1. In the event that the Client has a complaint in respect of the performance of OnSite Building Control Ltd.’s services under this Agreement, without prejudice to any other remedy available under this Agreement, they shall be entitled to have access to the complaints handling procedure maintained by them.

    1. Force Majeure

    10.1. Neither OnSite Building Control Ltd nor the Client shall, except as otherwise provided in these Conditions, be responsible for any loss, damage, delay or failure in performance hereunder arising or resulting from act of God, act of war, seizure under legal process, quarantine restrictions, strikes, boycotts, lockouts, riots, civil commotions and arrest or restraint of princes, rulers or people.

    1. Liability

    11.1. The liability of the Approved Inspector shall be limited to such sum as would be just and equitable for the Approved Inspector to pay having regard to the extent of the responsibility of the Approved Inspector for the loss or damage suffered on the basis that all other consultants and any subcontractors who have a liability shall be deemed to have provided contractual undertakings to the Client on terms no less onerous than those applying in the case of this Agreement and shall be deemed to have paid to the Client such sums as it would be just and equitable for them to pay having regard to the extent of their responsibility for such loss or damage.

    1. Notice

    12.1. Any notice to be given under this Agreement shall be in writing and delivered by hand or sent by recorded delivery post to the address shown in this Agreement or to such other address as the other party may have specified from time to time by written notice to the other.

    12.2. Such notice shall be deemed to have been received on the day of delivery if delivered by hand and otherwise on the next working day.



    12.3. Where under this Agreement an act is required to be completed within a specified period of days after or from a specified date, the period shall begin immediately after that date. Where the period would include a day which is a Christmas Day, Good Friday or a day which under the Banking and Financial dealings Act 1971 is a bank holiday, that day shall be excluded.

    12.4. Following termination by the approved inspector or the client, the approved inspector is entitled to write to the local authority (with a copy to the client) cancelling the initial notice under the building regulations, in which case the approved inspector functions will revert to the local authority and the approved inspector will be discharged from all requirements to complete the services or any additional work.

    1. Compliance with Building Regulations

    13.1. The client, designers and contractors shall be responsible for the project's compliance with the building regulations and OnSite Building Control Ltd services do not include managing the project to ensure that compliance is achieved. OnSite Building Control Ltd shall take such steps as are reasonable to enable it to be satisfied as to the project's compliance with the building regulations, and if so satisfied, it shall issue a final certificate. The final certificate is not a representation that every aspect of the project complies with building regulations.

    13.2. OnSite Building Control’s Ltd personnel may provide advice relating to designs and relevant statutory requirements, but this does not make them designers. Responsibility for design rest solely with the client or their appointed consultants and contractors.

    1. Compliance with the Town and Country Planning Act

    14.1. New dwellings only - Where a copy of the planning consent has been provided as

    part of this application, OnSite Building Control Ltd hold no responsibility for checking any planning conditions, including those specific to the accessibility and water efficiency associated to the proposed works. In all circumstances it remains the responsibility of the client/designer to notify OnSite Building Control Ltd of any specific requirements relating to accessibility and water efficiency over and above the baseline building regulations. Where no information is provided, only the minimum level of compliance will be checked in accordance with the Building Regulations.

    14.2. All buildings - In all circumstances it remains the client’s responsibility to ensure all

    necessary planning approvals are gained where applicable and adhered to. OnSite Building Control Ltd holds no responsibility for checking that such legislative approvals have been obtained, nor any associated conditions are complied with.

    14.3  Community Infrastructure levy (CIL) – It shall be noted that whilst OnSite Building Control Ltd serve notices to the Local Authority under the Building Act 1984 such notice are solely for the purposes of the legal requirements placed on OnSite Building Control Ltd as an Approved Inspector they have no relevance or connection to CIL’s.  It is the responsibility of the developer/land owners to ensure that they resolve payment with the Local Authority at the appropriate stages.

    1. Schedule of Services

    15.1. The Approved Inspector hereby agrees to provide the following Building Control Service:

    15.1.1. To issue to the appropriate local authorities an Initial Notice upon receipt of a completed Agreement/Application form or other recognised and accepted means of appointment/instruction of services (note the instruction to proceed must be received by OnSite Building Control Ltd a minimum of 5 working days before works commence on site).

    15.1.2. To carry out all statutory consultations.

    15.1.3. Where requested to provide one, issue a Plans Certificate when the plans and details show compliance with current Building Regulations and;

    15.1.4. To make periodic visits to the site to ascertain compliance with Building Regulations.

    15.1.5. To issue a Final Certificate to the Client and the appropriate local authority upon satisfactory completion of building works.

    15.2. The Client or their appointed agents hereby agrees, as is required for OnSite Building Control Ltd to carry out its duties, to provide.

    15.2.1. Copies of all appropriate design information, and relevant information about the site to include, locations of sewers, presence of contaminates etc.

    15.2.2. Access to the Site during working hours.





CIC Information


Construction Industry Council

Approved Inspectors

As the body designated by the Secretary of State in England and Welsh Ministers in Wales, CICAIR Ltd maintains and operates the Construction Industry Council Approved inspectors Register (CICAIR). CICAIR Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the approval process it operates provides applicants with a route to registration as an Approved Inspector, Approved Inspectors registered with CICAIR Ltd are qualified to undertake building control work in accordance with Part II of the Building Act 1984 and the Building (Approved Inspectors etc.) Regulations 2010.

The CICAIR application and assessment procedures were developed over the course of several years and involved the collaboration of experts drawn from across the membership of CIC and the then Department of the Environment. The procedures were rigorously tested in a seven month pilot study which ran from June to December 1996. The operations of CICAIR Ltd are overseen and managed by a Board of Directors that is appointed by CiC from a range of backgrounds and specialisms. The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) is now responsible for the Building (Approved Inspectors etc.) Regulations.

Approval Process - General Information

CICAIR Ltd (herein referred to as CICAIR) is the designated body responsible for managing the approval and termination of approval of Approved Inspectors in accordance with section 49 of the Building Act 1984 and regulations 3 and 5 of the Building (Approved Inspectors etc.) Regulations 2010.

To ensure that professional standards are maintained, all Approved Inspector applicants must undergo a robust application process and Approved Inspectors are required to seek re-approval from CICAIR every five years to maintain their Approved Inspector approval.
Application Processing Timeframe

Applications will be processed within six months of receipt to meet the requirements of the EU Services Directive. The EU Services Directive allows for this deadline to be extended once and for a limited time. CICAIR reserve the right to extend the deadline in accordance within the Directive if necessary.
Code of Conduct for Approved Inspectors

A requirement of registration is that the applicant agrees to abide by the Code of Conduct for Approved inspectors and any subsequent amendments. The Code of Conduct also includes a requirement to abide by the Building Control Performance Standards and all Approved Inspectors are required to operate in accordance with both documents.
• The Code of Conduct for Approved Inspectors

• The Code of Conduct for Approved Inspectors Guidance Notes

• The Building Control Performance Standards


The Building Control Alliance has published a guidance note on safeguarding the impartiality of building control bodies which Approved Inspectors must pay due regard to.

The approval process is strictly confidential and applications are only made available to CICAIR staff, the CICAIR Board of Directors and the approval panel assigned to the assessment of the application. Organisations or individuals that an applicant does not wish to be privy to the application can be declared on the application form.


All Approved Inspectors are required to be insured with an approved Scheme.

Please note that in respect of Minor Works, for the purposes of insurance Scheme approvals pursuant to the then ODPM’s guidelines issued in September 2005, the Scheme will not cover minor work as defined by